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V1 radar detector works great on motorcycles, especially when paired with our Remote Audio Adapter.

This Adapter is a little black box that allows you to separate the warning sound from V1 itself, and move that sound wherever you want it. The Adapter has it’s own speaker and volume control, so you can listen to it directly, or you can plug headphones into it’s integral jacks and have the sound inside your helmet. Except for the standard headphone jacks, all electrical connections are made with our usual RJ11 phone jacks, so they never unplug themselves. For more information on the remote audio adapter.

Our Concealed Display accessory allows you to relocate visual warning away from V1 itself, if you find this desirable for your particular installation. For more information on concealed display accessories.

Our standard windshield mount, with its twin suction cups, works fine on windshields that have inclination angles similar to cars…unless curvature in the plan view is too extreme. You be the judge on that point. For specialized mounts designed for motorcycles, try

Any plastic windshield you can see through is probably okay to mount behind. We’ve tested acrylic and polycarbonate (Lexan is a tradename) and they’re good.

Mounting behind fairings is also a possibility…if the material is plastic. Fiberglass usually works okay, carbon fiber is bad, and watch out for metallic paints on the outside. Remember, any metal supports in the antenna’s "field of view" will probably diminish reception, maybe a little, maybe a lot. And mounting behind any opaque object will ruin laser warning, of course.

If you have doubts about your location, find a supermarket with a microwave door opener; while you’re in the parking lot, aim your bike straight at the door, then do an A-B test…V1 in your chosen location compared to V1 out in clear air. If you get the same warning on the front panel in both tests, you’re fine.

If you mount directly in front of the rider, you’ll block both the rear laser sensor and the rear radar antenna. Rear laser warning are rarely helpful, so don’t worry over much about that.

Rear radar, however, is very useful, and you can do the least harm to your rear reception by mounting V1 as far forward as possible. This way, your body blocks a narrower segment of the antenna’s field of view (See accompanying diagram).

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Nor are the accessories. A few drops of water on the outside shouldn’t be a showstopper, but if the insides get wet while the power is connected, you’ll create a mess that’s expensive to fix.

In emergencies, you can get by if you securely enclose V1 and any accessories in clear plastic bags, tightly sealed of course. But this impromptu sort of weatherproofing is not recommended for regular use.

If you have any adaptation tips based on your own experience, please let us know. We’ll add them to this page.