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Submitted by Mike Rine of Claremore, OK

SEPTEMBER 2014 — My V-1 Moment goes on and on. I have a friend who is a highway patrol officer. While hanging out one day we were talking about radar and detectors. He informed me that he could catch anyone, radar detector or not. I took the challenge.

We live in the same town, he knows where I work--60 miles round trip, part on the turnpike, the rest on Interstate--he knows when I work, and he patrols most of my route. We are heading into the 6th year on the challenge. He has yet to catch me on the guilty side of the posted.

I wave as I pass him well under the limit.

At this point, I think he would actually write me a ticket if he could manage to catch me.

We get letters. V1 owners tell of ambushes, of wicked speed traps. They tell us how their combat buddy, V1, gives them an edge. They say the Radar Locator and the Bogey Counter, both V1 exclusives, add an extra layer of intelli-
gence no other detector can match.
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Military Strategists Agree...

that successful defense begins with good intelligence about the enemy. Valentine One has an exclusive warning system relying on both forward- and rearward-facing radar antennas (front and rear laser sensors, too). V1 scans all around your car. It goes beyond Ordinary Radar Detectors by telling you, on every alert, where to look for threats, and how many to look for. Multiple threats are tracked individually.

In military terms, V1 gives you "Situation Awareness." Once you have it, you can respond appropriately every time. Sometimes you must be defensive, other times you can confidently dismiss a non-threatening alarm.