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  I live in Los Angeles.  I can't find V1 in any local electronics store.
- D.B., California
  We sell directly to our customers only. We've never used dealers or distributors, and we have no plans to start now.

Valentine One is a uniquely conceived, high technology, security device for customers who expect top performance; we know exactly how it works and we have experts at 1-800 331 3030 who can answer all your questions and assure your satisfaction. Dealers who sell multiple products rarely have the same motivation.

Occasionally a few entrepreneurs act as if they're dealers or distributors. They're not; they pay the same list prices we ask of all customers.

  I live outside the U.S.  How can I order a V1?
- V.L., Belgium
  We accept orders that have a ship-to address in the U.S. or the AB, BC, or SK provinces of Canada. No exceptions. We hope some day to serve customers worldwide, but for the foreseeable future we simply can’t.

Here’s why. There’s no fast, affordable, and problem-free delivery method to other addresses that can deal with Customs and assure your satisfaction. If you have a friend in the U.S. or AB, BC, or SK provinces of Canada, we can ship to your designated intermediary.