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Answers to frequently asked questions and a few tips and techniques.

V1connection, the app

The Euro Ka "Custom Sweeps" can be utilized for a highly customizable USA Ka sweep configuration with a few caveats.

> KA FALSING  When "Euro" or "Custom Sweeps" are enabled the Ka False alarm guard (Feature Character 6 in legacy programming) is automatically turned off so you get raw, fast detection with disreguard to Ka false alarm suppression. NOTE: the V1 will now be susceptible to cheap radar detector interference!

> POP  The frequency segment around 33.8 GHz is always enabled in "Euro" mode so this means Pop cannot be disabled in this scenario.

> CUSTOM SWEEPS  The six(6) custom Ka sweeps can be tailored to the commonly used radar frequencies (34.7 GHz and 35.5 GHz).

> K, X DETECTION  You will probably want to retain K and X band for complete coverage by using the "K and Ka (Photo)" mode indicated by uppercase "C" in the Bogey Counter and by enabling "Euro X Band" respectively.

Step-by-step instructions for Custom Sweeps in the US utilizing V1CTA:

>  Press "Profiles" icon (fig.1)
>  Press "Factory Default Profile" from the "Select Profiles" dialog (fig.1)
>  Press "Special" and press the "Euro" icon (fig.2)
>  Press "K and Ka (Photo)" from "Valentine One Mode" (fig.2)
>  Press "Bands" and check "Euro X Band" (fig.3)
>  Press "Custom Sweeps" (fig.3)  (see note i. for Custom Sweeps rules)
(refer to fig.4 for the remaining steps)
>  Un-check Custom Sweeps 3, 4, 5, and 6
>  Check "Custom Sweep 1 enable" and "Custom Sweep 2 enable"
>  Move Custom Sweep 1 sliders to: 34.623 and 34.770 [covers 34.7 GHz]
>  Move Custom Sweep 2 sliders to: 35.423 and 35.585 [covers 35.5 GHz]
>  Touch in the Profile name window and name the profile appropriately
    (ex: "My Custom USA k x")
>  Press the save icon (icon in upper right hand corner)
>  Press "Picture" icon to display the custom sweeps graphically (fig.5)
(note: along with the 2 custom sweeps defined earlier, a third sweep in "Ka Lo" is shown (33.7-33.9) which is the Pop region swept by default in Euro mode)

Import this profile into V1connection, the App

My Custom USA k x Profile

i. Rules for Custom Sweeps:
    Never "skip" a Custom Sweep location. (ex: Always define 1, 2 and 3 rather than 1 and 3 leaving 2 blank)
    Never define a Custom Sweep that bridges V1's pre-defined sections 33.383 - 34.770 and 34.774 - 36.072
   (ex: An illegal Custom Sweep would be defined as 34.620 - 34.780)

Picture Screen
fig. 1
fig. 2

Profile/Euro X band
fig. 3
Profiles/Custom Sweeps 1&2
fig. 4

Picture/Custom Sweeps 1&2
fig. 5

Because of the internal workings of the V1, we were forced to "segment" Ka band into two sections. The sections do show a 4 MHz (0.004 GHz) gap between them but that is not indicative of the actual frequency coverage.

The V1 actually "over-sweeps" each defined Ka Custom Sweep to insure proper coverage. This over-sweeping serves to accomodate slight variations in the circuitry from one V1 to the next. If the user defines an Upper Section sweep that starts at 34.774 GHz, the 4 MHz gap between Sections will be covered. We have done samplings from several production runs of V1s configured to sweep starting at 34.774 GHz and in all cases the 4 MHz gap was covered adequately.

If you wished to sweep from 34.607 to 34.804 GHz, you would define two segments: (Lower Section) 34.607 to 34.770 GHz and (Upper Section) 34.774 to 34.804 GHz.

Please note that the Ka Custom Sweep sliders will allow any frequency but when the profile is saved the V1 picks frequencies that are closest to it's internal calibration points.

Profile Custom Sweeps 3 & 4   

A second "ACC" jack was not included in the V1connection because we think of a SmartPhone as a "super" CD. That being said, you can split the ACC jack on any Lighter Adapter, SAVVY or Direct-Wire Power Adapter utilizing a telephone jack splitter.

The splitter must be the type that simply connects all pins together (parallel connection) to give the user two jacks where only one is available. DO NOT USE DSL FILTERS provided by the telephone company that are meant to separate internet from telephone signals.

Here is a list of acceptable devices:

  Radio Shack: 279-018 (Ivory)
  Radio Shack: 5503219 (Ivory; web only)
  Walmart: GE 26191 (White)
  (web): Belkin F8V106 (Ivory), Belkin F8V106-WH (White)
Phone Splitter
Hook-up diagram for CD and V1Connection

Typical splitter hookup with BOB, SAVVY (with splitter on ACC jack), CD and V1connection.