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TMF2 improves upon our original Traffic Monitor Filter by blocking most false alarms caused by K-band lane-change warning systems installed in some newer cars.

TMF2 is a software algorithm designed to eliminate the false alarms caused by SpeedInfo, a traffic flow-measuring system being installed along some      U. S. highways, which sends frequent K-band radar bursts into the traffic stream. See www.speedinfo.com to learn more.

TMF2 is installed, but not activated at the factory. For activation instructions, go to our website, from the home page select Ask Mike, then Tech Reports, Tech Report 3, Reprogramming your Valentine One Radar Detector (http://www.valentine1.com/Lab/techreport3.asp).

Because K-band POP-radar protection is switched off when TMF2 is enabled, we suggest you retain the factory setting if SpeedInfo is not operating in your area. Ka-band POP Protection is not affected by TMF2.

How to know if TMF2 is enabled

During the start-up sequence, just after "P...O...P," the symbol "t" will appear if TMF2 is enabled.


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