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April 2012: Okay, but our warranty doesnít cover marriages

A V1 is not good for marital bliss. Two V1s, however, make a different story.

I use my V1 on my motorcycle and have for years. Before V1, I was in danger of having my license suspended. After V1, no tickets--zip, zero, nada. Got rid of the crotch-rocket and while looking for a sport-touring model, I moved the V1 to the wife's truck. She saw how well it worked and after I got my new bike, we would fight over who was going to use the V1.

I mentioned that Iíve used that V1 for years, which means itís old enough to need an upgrade but I didn't want to be without it. One day the wife says, "Why don't you just order another one, then send in the old one for an upgrade and give it to me when it gets back?Ē

I really love that woman! We now own two V1s. No more arguing over who'll use it. But I still haven't sent in my old one for the same reason I didnít send it in before.

But it's coming this week, Mike, I promise! And make it fast; marital bliss depends on you.

Steve Oliver
Marshall, TX