New, New, New: Designed for absolute range superiority, V1 Gen2 has all-new and patented electronics with SAW D2L power, a technique from military radars.
*Surface-Acoustic-Wave Dispersive-Delay-Line

Location, Location, Location: The ingenious Radar Locator points to the threat Ahead, Beside or Behind. We created direction-finding with the original V1; now V1 Gen2 extends that know-how. It scans all around your car; a radar antenna and a laser eye look forward, another antenna-eye set looks through the rear glass.

  • New: All-new electronics in a new magnesium case.
  • New: Patented SAW D2L jumps the scan-rate a hundred-fold.
  • New: LNA technology boosts range, radically improves stealth.
  • New: K-Verifier blocks nearly all K-band alarms from lane-change and crash-prevention radars.
  • New: Built-in Bluetooth smartphone connection.

Download our new Quick Start Guide for the V1 Gen2.
Download our new Owners Manual for the V1 Gen2.

V1 Gen2 brings new detection tools

New LNA technology: The only way to extend range is to detect ever weaker signals. Think of LNA as a signal magnifier.

LNA has another benefit—it acts as a one-way valve, trapping LO output before it escapes V1 Gen2’s magnesium case. That’s the key to stealth. V1 Gen2 is practically undetectable.

New, and patented, SAW D2L: Detecting more radars adds exponentially to data flow. SAW D2L jumps the processing rate more than a hundred times, enabling V1 Gen2 to quickly sort speed-trap radar signals from today’s glut of lane-change and crash-prevention radars.

Range superiority
LNA’s faint-signal acquisition feeding the high-rate analysis of SAW D2L adds up to a breakthrough in radar early warning. The range increase on Ka band is especially dramatic. Our new K-Verifier weeds out unwanted K alerts.

Our free apps enable advanced threat analysis, easy programming, and instant upgrades of V1 Gen2. Smartphone connection via Bluetooth is built in.


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What’s Included

  • Valentine One Gen2 Radar Detector
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Windshield Mount
  • Visor Mount
  • Power Cord, Coiled — 2 ft. stretches to 8ft
  • Power Cord, Straight — 8ft
  • Lighter Adapter
  • Direct-Wire Adapter
  • Wiring Harness Connector
  • Spare Fuse
  • Spare Suction Cups
V1 Gen2 Sized


Automatically reduces volume of alerts at low speeds,
serves as power source for both V1 Gen2 and V1.

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Concealed Display

Concealed Radar Display

Relocates visual warnings for your-eyes-only viewing.

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Use the V1 app to connect to your compatible phone and tablet devices

Upgrade Your Original V1

The new V1 Gen2 Detector is certainly an upgrade-worthy performance breakthrough. See how you can get yours.