Radar Detector with Locator

“The one with the arrows”

Where’s the Radar?

Mike Valentine invented the revolutionary Radar Locator to answer one of life’s most persistent questions–Where’s the radar? That was back in 1991.

Every detector since from Valentine Research, Inc., has the essential three-arrow array. One or more of the arrows blaze red on every alert to show Where: Ahead, Beside, or Behind. The Locator points out laser too.

Here’s how it works: V1 Gen2 has a radar antenna and a laser eye aimed forward. A similar pair look behind through the rear glass. From the incoming signals, the computer decides which arrows to light.

The Radar Locator partners with the Bogey Counter to provide a seamless defense.

Example: You hear the warning and the Ahead arrow lights. The counter shows 1. Soon you meet a patrol car but the arrow stays Ahead. Watch it!

Radar Locator

At this point, V1 Gen2 has given you critical knowledge most detector users don’t have in your same situation. You know the radar is still ahead waiting for you; the patroller you met evidently wasn’t running radar.

Where’s the radar? V1 Gen2 always knows.