Military pilots call it “Situation Awareness,” knowing who’s out there before they know about you. Mike Valentine, long the guru of Situation Awareness, created V1 Gen1, and now V1 Gen2, to maximize your threat awareness.

  • The Radar Locator simultaneously tracks all signals in range, a red arrow points to each.
  • The Bogey Counter counts the signals being tracked. Only when you know Where and How Many can you create your best defense.

Here’s a simple situation: V1 Gen2 shows a red arrow pointing ahead with a count of 1. You see a patrol car oncoming. It passes behind you. It’s easy to think, “He’s gone,” and an ordinary detector would let you believe that. But, in this case, V1 Gen2 still shows 1 ahead. Turns out the patroller you saw wasn’t running radar. The actual radar trap is still hidden up ahead, waiting for you.

Situation awareness is easy with V1 Gen2

Parts Dept

We stock a full line of replacement parts. All are of the same high quality as those supplied originally with Valentine One and V1 Gen2. First class shipping assures prompt delivery.

People have been extolling the virtues of the Valentine Radar Detector for over 20 years. Read the details in our V1 Moments of the Month.

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Simple programming changes can be made to your new V1 Gen2 Radar Detector using only the front panel controls. Our free app enables more subtle alterations.

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