The Things You Do For A Friend

I told my good friend about radar detectors and advised him to get the V1 Gen2.  Two weeks later he hands me a new Escort Max and asks me to test it for him.  Duh!  After giving him the most penetrating stare I could muster on such short notice, I finally agreed.      In search of an … continued

Think Long Range Only Longer, Much Longer

When COVID kicked in we began commuting between Austin, TX and Denver, CO.  It’s roughly a thousand-mile drive and we do this every six weeks or so.  With V1 Gen2, it’s been astonishing just how many times we get an alert MILES before seeing the source.  At first, my wife didn’t understand why I wasn’t … continued

A Good Parade To Skip

I was on a tough two-day run from Michigan to Colorado.  Yeah, I was feeling that old urge to get there and get it done.   Driving across I-94 toward Chicago, V1 Gen2 chirped a Ka-band wake-up just as a pack of three SUVs rushed by me at the speed limit plus twenty or so.  I … continued

So That’s What It Does

I had been using V1 Gen1 for decades and finally decided to update to V1 Gen2.  All these years my wife thought my detectors were wastes of money. But that was then.  On our way to dinner one evening, we were driving on I-59 South towards Slidell, Louisiana.  Approximately two miles short of Pearl River, … continued

Undefeated Season

I was driving back home to Boston after a weekend with friends watching March Madness games down in DC, V1 Gen2 on duty, of course. It was late and black dark when I hit I-95 in Rhode Island. Traffic was sparse and I was cruising easy.  Then V1 spoke up.  I couldn’t make out anything … continued

Is Schadenfreude Always Wrong?

Heading from San Francisco to Tahoe on U.S. Route 50, I kept getting passed by a 4Runner on the flat stretches, only to have him slow so much up the hills it was like he was trying to back into me. What followed was a tedious cycle, him passing, then me passing, then him again, … continued

One More Believer Added To the List

I was headed North on I-85 from Charlotte about midnight. One of my passengers stated that any speed in excess of 80mph in the state of North Carolina was an automatic driver-license suspension. “You put a lot of faith in that little box on your windshield, don’t you” he said. About a mile ahead, a … continued

Sometimes What’s Behind Is In Your Future

Just this week I was traveling from Albany to Binghamton, NY, on I-88, the cruise control set at only my confessor will know.  There were a few vehicles to my rear, half-mile to a mile back.  I started getting chirps–bogey behind!  I kept watching but nothing was gaining on me.  The chirping continued, however, just … continued

Intimacy on the Interstate

Day before Thanksgiving, I head off to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, through the desert on I-15.  My V1 Gen2 (a.k.a. known as The Precious) routinely gives me insanely long-range detection in the flat desert terrain, sometimes up to seven miles away. As I start the downhill approach to Stateline, the border town between Nevada … continued

Midnight Revenuers in Oblivion, NV

We were northbound out of Las Vegas on I-15 heading toward St. George, Utah, when traffic just stopped.  After a couple of frustrating hours, we abandoned the Interstate to improvise a route through nighttime desert.   After another two hours through nowhere at speeds ranging from 50 to 75 mph, we came into the little town … continued