Another Evening, Another Radar Prowler

For dinner one recent evening I drove 100 miles from Marin to Sonoma County on the 101 N. On the way back, V1 was picking up radar behind us, apparently short bursts of instant-on as an enforcer behind us was zapping oncoming traffic. Four of us were in the car and a woman in back … continued

One More Attaboy for V1

My wife and I were traveling to Ithaca, NY, to visit our new grandson. We live in western NY and drove about 2½ hours east on I-86 before exiting onto local roads toward Ithaca. Now it’s 55 or slower for the rest of the way, with heavy radar enforcement. This day we were pushing it … continued

That Beepy Thing Proves Prescient

My girlfriend used to roll her eyes when I grabbed my V1 out of my truck to take it with us every time we went for a trip in her truck. One day we went kayaking, and since we were parking in a secluded area, I pulled V1 off the windshield and put it down … continued

His Escort Locked Out a LEO

I have never been a fan of GPS lock-outs. Several years ago, a friend of mine had an unwanted roadside conversation with The Man because of lockouts on his detector. I’ve avoided those conversations because I rely on V1’s bogey counter instead. Have things changed? No…and yes. Same location–a dollar store on South Carolina highway … continued

The Old Double-Zap Trap, Deadly as Ever

I recently upgraded to the new V1 Gen2. I had my old V1 for many years and felt that, as technology is evolving, so should my detector. After using this new unit for a few months, I took it on a road trip last week. While cruising down the highway the detector signaled a bogey … continued

Hostiles Out on the Prairie

We decided to make a quick weekend trip across rural Nebraska and South Dakota. Grabbed the V1 Gen2 out of the work pickup and hit the road–it goes everywhere with me. I am so glad. On that 300-mile Friday night, I encountered five Ka alerts and one K, all of which could have been award … continued

V1 Gen2 is Blushing

My girlfriend thought I was crazy to buy a radar detector. Now she marvels at how effective it is. She said, “I wish you were as sensitive as V1 Gen2.” Kim MacKellar South Pasadena, FL

The Deadwood Shootout

Driving to Deadwood, SD, on a family vacation, I was traveling on highway 212 when I encountered a weak Ka-band pulse. I checked the odometer, then bang, the same 34.7 GHz Ka again. In another few minutes it was back once more. Nine miles later, off to the side of the road, was a South … continued

Two is Trouble

My local LEOs have been strapping speed-detection units to utility poles around town. They leave them up in an area for a few weeks and then move to a new location. Of course, my V1 Gen2 picks these signals up long before I reach the spot. You get used to these locations and can easily … continued

Worth an Even Longer Wait

After waiting through the backorder period for V1 Gen2, I was eager for the first test drive. As soon as I pulled onto the main street near me, “beep, beep, beep.” I looked all around and could see no source. No wonder! Two blocks ahead there was a “your speed is…” apparatus facing the opposite … continued