Avoiding Tickets for Fun and Profit

When I bought a new Corvette in South East FL, the state and local revenuers felt I should make more generous contributions to the local till. After my sixth ticket in three months, I wised up. I sought out the best detector available–Valentine 1 of course. Immediately I could detect the presence of police everywhere … continued

My Early Beep Couldn’t Save the Friend Ahead

I had my V1 Gen2 mounted for a couple of months when I went driving some northern Wisconsin backroads with a couple of friends. We came up a hill and V1 chirped a single Ka ahead, then steadied at two bars of strength while the posted limit dropped down to 35 right before the crest. … continued

His Chasing Adrenalin Never Got a Chance to Kick In

I was headed to work early one morning along an interstate highway, “Whalin’ down the freeway at just the cruisin’ power,” as Delaware rocker George Thorogood would have it. The local troopers usually run with their radars on continuously, and I’d never seen any of them shooting laser, so running briskly didn’t bother me. I … continued

Once They Find Out…

My wife’s car has a very popular radar detector, just not a V1. We were recently headed out in separate cars for a few errands. She was in front of me. We were talking on the phone. My V1 Gen2 alerted, but nothing from hers for way too long. She almost got stopped; luckily, she … continued

Choose the Right Arrows for Your Protection

I have a V1 competitor’s detector in my SUV, top of that maker’s line. For my Corvette I bought a new V1 Gen2. I’m just amazed at Gen2’s ability to spot directionality of the radar versus the competing model. Gen2 detects at a longer range and the arrows are much more accurate, even though the … continued

V1 Gen2 is Simply Beyond Belief

The V1 Gen2 is my first V1. I immediately headed for the highway to test and within a few odo clicks I decided it was trash; for miles it just kept beeping. Could it be mistaking a collision avoidance radar for a police radar, possibly the one in my own car? As I drove further, … continued

Same Old Story, Same Old Ending

I have owned my V1 since 2004, and in those 16 years it has kept me out of innumerable awkward roadside conversations. Incidents of the following sort have happened many times, and again just the other day on the interstate. I was moving as if I wanted to get there and had two cars shadowing, … continued

Red Arrow Points to the Other Guy’s Blues

Going home from work the other night – I work a 12-hour shift – it was getting dark when V1 started chirping. Five miles of road ahead, long and straight. I’m going all of the posted limit, probably a little more, and there’s a pickup huge in my mirror. When V1 talks, I listen, and … continued