Undefeated Season

I was driving back home to Boston after a weekend with friends watching March Madness games down in DC, V1 Gen2 on duty, of course. It was late and black dark when I hit I-95 in Rhode Island. Traffic was sparse and I was cruising easy.  Then V1 spoke up.  I couldn’t make out anything … continued

Is Schadenfreude Always Wrong?

Heading from San Francisco to Tahoe on U.S. Route 50, I kept getting passed by a 4Runner on the flat stretches, only to have him slow so much up the hills it was like he was trying to back into me. What followed was a tedious cycle, him passing, then me passing, then him again, … continued

One More Believer Added To the List

I was headed North on I-85 from Charlotte about midnight. One of my passengers stated that any speed in excess of 80mph in the state of North Carolina was an automatic driver-license suspension. “You put a lot of faith in that little box on your windshield, don’t you” he said. About a mile ahead, a … continued

Sometimes What’s Behind Is In Your Future

Just this week I was traveling from Albany to Binghamton, NY, on I-88, the cruise control set at only my confessor will know.  There were a few vehicles to my rear, half-mile to a mile back.  I started getting chirps–bogey behind!  I kept watching but nothing was gaining on me.  The chirping continued, however, just … continued

Intimacy on the Interstate

Day before Thanksgiving, I head off to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, through the desert on I-15.  My V1 Gen2 (a.k.a. known as The Precious) routinely gives me insanely long-range detection in the flat desert terrain, sometimes up to seven miles away. As I start the downhill approach to Stateline, the border town between Nevada … continued

Midnight Revenuers in Oblivion, NV

We were northbound out of Las Vegas on I-15 heading toward St. George, Utah, when traffic just stopped.  After a couple of frustrating hours, we abandoned the Interstate to improvise a route through nighttime desert.   After another two hours through nowhere at speeds ranging from 50 to 75 mph, we came into the little town … continued

Waze or A Radar Detector, You Decide

There are quite a few who believe all you need is Waze.  But Waze won’t protect you from a patroller with moving radar! For example, I was driving along the I-95 Corridor in the Northeast earlier today.  My Valentine 1 Gen2 started giving Ka warnings from the rear.  A minute later, a car passed me … continued

Blue Sky, Chance of Radar

I was on Washington 522 in a fast red car, pushing it a little, yeah, but nothing that would arouse the posse.    V1 beeped and I got wary, moved to the right lane and set the cruise at 55.  All the vehicles I had overtaken began streaming by me in the left lane.  Ahead, … continued

So That’s What Long-Range Means

I bit the bullet and upgraded my trusty Gen1 V1 to a Gen2 model. First morning, leaving for work, it was alerting Ka band coming down a side street toward our main road through town. Almost always a Ka alert around here is enforcement. I approach the intersection and scan left, right and on ahead. … continued

But Wait, There’s More!

I was traveling amongst a group of cars on the interstate.  My Valentine One started chirping.  Everyone slowed down as we went by a highway patrol car that was sitting on an on-ramp. As soon as we passed the authority figure, everyone sped back up.  But instead of the arrow pointing rearward to the patroller … continued