SAVVY is an add-on module that informs V1 Gen2 of your speed. Use is optional.

SAVVY turns down the volume of V1 Gen2’s warnings automatically at low speeds.

In some locations—easing through the Home Depot lot, for example—detector warnings are irrelevant. That’s true of crowded metro streets, too.

SAVVY has just one control, a thumb wheel that lets you select a speed threshold. Below your threshold, the loudness of each new alert comes through on V1’s Muted Volume. Above the threshold you hear normal loudness.

SAVVY serves as the power source for V1 Gen2, replacing the Lighter Adapter or the Direct-Wire Power Adapter. Plug SAVVY into your OBDII diagnostic port, down under the dash near the steering column.

SAVVY’s thumbwheel has eight settings from 15 to 65 mph. Choose one, or select the AUTO setting to mute all alerts, or the NONE setting to switch off automatic muting. It’s that simple.

Download our Savvy Installation & Use PDF

Works with V1 Gen1 and V1 Gen2.

For compatibility details, click here.

NOTE: This same benefit, muting based on road speed, is available wirelessly through the eSAVVY feature in our free app. However, eSAVVY cannot serve as a power source for V1 Gen2; use the Lighter Adapter or Direct-Wire Power Adapter.

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