Programming Your V1 Gen1Valentine Research is a direct-sales company; you buy directly from us and if you’re not completely satisfied, call us at 800-331-3030.  We promise, you won’t be greeted by a voice-recognition computer; real humans answer our phones.  Real humans do all of our repair work, too, right here at our Cincinnati factory, and we still have a reserve of parts to repair any V1 built since our first day back in the early nineties.  As part of our customer service, we also upgrade older V1s to today’s performance.  For detectors built before our changeover to Valentine One Gen2, we’ll exchange your old unit for a factory-new V1 Gen2 at a discount to the new price. Your satisfaction is our preoccupation.

When returning your V1 to obtain factory service, please enclose the Service Form. Click here to print the form.

Service Form
Escort/Beltronics “Smart Cords” Won’t Work
Doubts – Maybe It’s Not Working
Troubleshooting Your V1 Gen2
Programming Your V1 Gen2
Programming Your V1 Gen1
V1 Radar Detector Service
V1 Warranty
V1 Gen2 Owner’s Manual
V1 Gen1 Owner’s Manual
Declarations Of Conformity

Orders of in-stock items placed after 12:00 PM (Noon) Eastern Time Thursday, December 2, will Ship Monday, December 6.