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April 2017: This time the rear arrow takes the prize

This goes back to a crazy thing I did with my first V1. I had just flown 1300 miles from home to look at an old car, which I decided to purchase and drive all the way home.

There I was on the interstate driving along in my new 23-year-old Lincoln Continental Mark III. Right about sundown, I started getting a K-band signal, arrow pointing to the front, and in a minute or so a state cop came into view driving towards me. As he went past, V1's arrows moved to side and then to the rear. Just perfect. "God-like" was the feeling I got from V1.

Several minutes later another K-band signal, only this time it was from the rear. It started weak and built up and up till the cop--probably the same one--came up to me from behind. It was nearly dark by that time and I'd never have seen him in that dusk light, and with an ordinary detector I would have had no clue that he was coming up from back there. When you find the enforcers that way—in a situation where a regular detector would have left you clueless--you realize the value of those arrows. There is nothing like V1.

Russell Spreeman
La Porte, IN