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August 2017: Seeing is believing

I was heading for Lime Rock Park, a road-race course in southern Connecticut, in my M3 on an early June morning, my Brand X detector scouting the terrain ahead. The road is a rural two-lane with a 55 limit. I thought I was moving right along until a Viper roadster passed me. I upped the pace and caught up, but was puzzled when he hit the brakes hard as we reached the top of a hill. I passed him anyway.

Bad move. As soon as I got around him, old Brand X lit up. Nabbed in the act, I was.

Later, when I saw the Viper owner in line at Lime Rock, I asked him what detector he used. "Valentine," he said, and the next three guys in line nodded. They all said it was the only detector they trusted.

That endorsement--on top of seeing V1 protection up close and very personal--made me buy Valentines for me, my wife, and three kids, too.

Roger Madigan
Stamford, CT