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February 2010: Saved By a Gimmick

I have - wait, HADóbeen an Escort/Passport devotee for just about ever. I had an original Escort and had stayed with them till last week.

But this past year I kept getting a "service required" message on my Passport 8500. After turning it off, it would work for a little while, then act up again. Long story short, I got three speeding tickets this year due to not turning it on because it pissed me off, or because I had to turn it off due to the message (well, also because I was going a little too fast).

Anyways, a friend suggested the V1. I had always thought the arrows were "gimmicky." But I did some research and bought one this weekend. It arrived Wednesday; Thursday it hit the road. Not even a mile into owning it I got an X band warning near a store, an old familiar false zone, but this time I also got a Ka warning ahead. Same cop that got me last time in the same spot.

But this time the V1 made the difference. Did you read that correctly? Yes, within a mile of owning it! I am a convert and believer for life. Thank you Mike Valentine!

David Risso
Saratoga Springs, NY