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January 2011: Protectors need protection, too

Was just reading through your stories with a smile, your V1 Moments. I have two BMW M3ís and they both have Valentines, had them for a few years now. I live your stories on a daily basis.

Went to Miami for the weekend, stayed at a five star resort. My wife had a $600 pair of Versace sunglasses and a $2,000 Tag Heuer watch in the car, not to mention the navigation unit and my $400 Oakleys. The only thing the valet stole? You guessed it, the item I like most, my V1. Been a long time since I narrowed in on the speed limit like I did on the drive home.

Just ordered another V1. If you donít have a V1, get one. If you do, protect it like it protects you.

Daniel Murray
Indialantic, FL