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March 2008: Zat You, Bogey 2?

I can never say it enough--V1ís unique features are the best!

Here I am in the combat zone, driving to Danbury, CT, on I-684 where, especially at night, our State Trooper friends like to hang! But this time they get tricky; this wise guy decides to hang where I usually get a K signal. I guess he was hoping to catch the V1 deprived, the ones without the bogey counter. Perhaps I would have missed him but for the bip-bip sound, V1ís tip off of a second bogey. The Counter is showing me two K signals where I usually see one.

Time to hand off the lead to the car behind. Iím down to 65 and looking around for my new bogey like Maverick in Top Gun! And there he is, red lights flashing, busting cover to run down the new leader.

I have to call a friend. "Guess what? I just had another V1 moment!"

Pierre Pham
White Plains, NY