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March 2016: V1 even sees the future

I'm eastbound on Highway 26 from Seaside, OR, to Portland, my girlfriend and 13-year-old son in the car. Ahead are two cars, the leader a slow poke, the second rarin' to run. I get a quick blast of instant on; V1's direction arrow tells me it's oncoming.

I tell my passengers to watch what happens next as I sketch out what they'll see. "Watch the impatient guy ahead of us. He's going to pass really fast and the trooper--we can't see him yet—is going to nail him!"

Sure enough...the hurry-up guy passes at maybe 75 in a 55-zone and immediately gets a facefull of instant-on Ka. Oncoming trooper goes by us, hits his lights, hangs a U and goes after Mr. Impatience. All my passengers can say is..."wow, that little black thing really works!!"

Mike Mac
Portland, OR