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May 2005: Famous Last Words: "C'mon, I'll Run Front Door"

I drive a truck for a living. I was driving through Ohio, the worst state for troopers and speeding. A friend was in his truck with a new Passport. I told him about my V1 and he just laughed. He said I wasted $406.

ďLetís put them to the test,Ē I said. We had been driving maybe 30 minutes when V1 picked up a weak signal. He said it wasnít anything because his Passport didnít go off. But I knew better. We were coming up on a curve. By now both detectors are going crazy. Here comes a cruiser. After it passes, V1 tells me that wasnít the one; Iím still getting a signal from ahead. I tell my buddy, but he just laughs and says, ďCímon, Iíll run the front door.Ē He speeds up. I stay at 55. As we round another curve, there sits a trooper, radar on. He pulls out and stops my buddy. I radio that Iíll wait at the Flying J. He shows up mad as hell. It cost him $485, $185 for the ticket and $300 for the Passport he threw down and shattered in the parking lot.

After a lot if expletives, I gave him your number. He ordered one and told me a few weeks later, ďBest thing been invented since light bread.Ē I have left home and gone 50 miles, then turned around and went back because I forgot to put my V1 in my bag. Better than American Express. Thanks.

Andrew Lewis
Aiken, SC