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May 2010: Oh, the Bucks Not Saved

Many years ago a friend laughed at me when I showed him my $120.00 ticket courtesy of the Arizona State Patrol. He said to me, "Jay, you need a Valentine. If you don't have a Valentine you're asking for it."

So I decided to save a buck and buy a Cobra. "Hey, there can't be much difference, can there?"

A couple years later that same friend laughed at me when I got a ticket in the mail, courtesy of the German Polizei, for speeding. Don't believe the "no speed limits on the autobahn" thing, because there are and I got the ticket to prove it. The Cobra was quickly thrown away and my buddy said the same thing, "Jay, you need a Valentine"

So I decided to save a buck and buy an Escort. "Hey, there can't be much difference, can there?"

Back in the good 'ol USA I got pulled over again, this time by a Texas state trooper. On that day I realized two things: 1) I have a lead foot, and, 2) that I needed to listen to my friend.

I always wanted to save a buck and go with something that was good enough. But after a week with V1 riding high on my windshield, I realized how stupid I was to do that. This thing is amazing! Unlike those cheapy brands, V1 lets me know WAY ahead of time that there's a bogey in the area. And even better, it tells me WHERE!

Thanks to Mike Valentine for creating a radar detector that is second to none, and thanks to my friend for reminding me that some things are worth the price. I'll be using a Valentine One from now on.

Jason Gonzales
Clovis, NM