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Valentine One Radar Detector Moment of the Month
May 2011: Adios Escort, hola fighter-jock technology

FYI, my first radar detector was an Escort 8500 X50. It had saved me a lot of agony and for two years I loved the thing.

But after learning more about radar detectors, I looked into V1. I read that the detection ranges were far superior to any other detector on the marketóeven the 9500i Escortóso I decided to give it a try. On the first day I was a converted completely.

On my morning commute there is always a mobile sign on the side of the road spraying K band. My Escort would consistently pick it up from about a quarter-mile away. When driving with V1, it warned of the speed sign 1.5 miles away, and that was before I even turned the corner to the street itís on. I feel like a fighter jock with a full military radar locator; V1ís detection range is AMAZING.

From now on and forever, Iíll be a V1 enthusiast. Iím even planning to buy another for my other car.

Robert Cannaday
Frisco, TX