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September 2008: Out of the Zone, Still in Danger

I took a road trip this fall through WV. In the construction areas, the signs had K-band drones that set V1 off. I gave full attention to these alerts until I could visually verify each one was a sign only and not somebody hiding in the weeds. I watched this with four of them.

On the last one, I was just passing the sign ending the work zone as I look over at V1. The rear arrow is on, but also the one pointing ahead. I can see about a half mile down the road, no more signs, bogey counter shows 2.

Okay, I'll stay cool, and as I crest the next hill, bingoa WV Trooper lying in ambush. Any other detector, I'd have had a souvenir with my John Hancock on the bottom.

Ive yet to find a V1 user that hasn't had a V1 Moment.

Drew (name withheld)
Island Lake, IL