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For years the V1 has been customizable through user programming to fit the needs of a variety of different radar environments. The traditional method of user programming (power-on entry point and the Control Knob) allowed the user to select / deselect certain features of the Valentine One.

Band enable / disable and various muting subtleties are a few of the configurable parameters available to the V1 user who may need more than the factory default setup.

Euro mode, for example, is actually a unique collection of the V1's configurable parameters wrapped into one switch that serves most European countries.

Up until recently, the user was forced to use a rudimentary programming procedure to change V1's response. (For the legacy programming method see Programming with V1's Control Knob link below).

With the advent of V1connection and V1connection, the app ("V1CTA" for short), the hood is popped on the V1 and we allow the user to tinker with the V1's configuration in a more user friendly way. Through a rich GUI, one can now modify and save each "profile" ("profile" refers to a collection of programming settings) to meet the needs of the multi-state / multi-country traveler.

Through use of the Ka "Custom Sweeps" when "Euro" mode is enabled, the user can define up to six different Ka band sweep ranges to cover radar sources in different driving situations. This allows multiple profiles that users may pre-define, save and recall quickly from any V1CTA screen (see screenshots in Tech Headquarters link below).

For more questions and answers about specific programming problems see the Tech Headquarters link below.

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