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Motorcyclist?   Headphone user?

Here's a way to move V1's audio warnings anywhere you want them. Compact module has a speaker and two headphone jacks (one mini, 3.5mm; and one micro, 2.5mm). You also get remote control of all Control Knob and Lever functions including mute and computer modes; handy when you've mounted V1 out of reach. Connects with standard V1 power cords.

The Remote Audio Adapter module adapts Valentine One Radar and Laser Detectors for the following installations:

  • Provides remote control of on/off, volume, muted volume, muting, and computer mode.
  • Provides remote speaker.
  • Provides headphone mini jack 3.5mm (1/8").
  • Provides micro jack 2.5mm (3/32") for additional remote speaker.

V1 Radar Detector

Valentine One Audio Adapter


Tech Report 4 - V1 Radar Detector on Motorcycles