ITEM: 20210

PRICE: $29.95

The Concealed Display may be attached directly to the Lighter Adapter (see NOTE below). Or you may mount it anywhere using self-stick interlocking fasteners, then connect with the power cord (included) to either the Lighter Adapter or Direct-Wire Power Adapter (both included with V1).

This compact module measures only 1.0-in. H x 2.5-in. W x 1.2-in. D. Weight: 1.0 ounces. Satin-black finish matches V1.

NOTE: This “attachment” is not possible with the old single-wire Lighter Adapter used up through 1997. Replace with Adapter (Item 20319) as used on today’s V1.

Includes: Concealed-display module; Power cord, 8-ft.; Power cord, 3-in.; Display-module backplate (for mounting); self-stick interlocking fasteners; articulated bracket for mounting to the ‘2-Port Lighter Adapter’.

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