What To Do If Your Valentine Needs Evaluation/Repair

If it’s completely dead, make sure it’s connected to a reliable power source. Please see our Troubleshooting page for more ideas. If it still fails to function, follow these instructions to obtain factory service.


Return your Valentine One with both power cords and lighter adapter (don’t send the mounts) to:

Valentine Research
Customer Service
10280 Alliance Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-4710


Ship your unit prepaid and insured, in its original packaging or something equally protective. You are responsible for your Valentine One until it is in our hands, so insist on a proof-of-delivery receipt.

Along with your Valentine One, please enclose the Service Form. Click here to print the form.


If your V1 Gen1 or V1 Gen2 is out of warranty (older than one year), our standard repair charge is $60 for V1 Gen1, $85 for V1 Gen2. For units that have been abused or modified, a repair cost will be calculated based on parts and labor required. You will be contacted if the repair cost exceeds the standard repair charge for your unit.

Your Valentine One will be repaired as soon as possible.

Additional Notes:

  • We will not repair any Valentine One that has an unreadable serial number.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • We ship to addresses within the USA or Canadian Provinces AB, BC, or SK only.