How the POP Mode Works
The POP Mode is a feature of certain radars made by MPH Industries. Its only purpose is to defeat radar detectors. It works by transmitting radar in a short burst — only 67 milliseconds (that’s 0.067 seconds).

What you should know about POP Mode
It is inaccurate. In order to outfox detectors, MPH Industries has pushed the technology outside the accepted principles of engineering. And the company admits as much when its Operation and Service Manual advises users as follows:

“A note of caution: Information derived during the POP burst is non-evidential…Citations should not be issued based solely on information derived from the POP burst.”

Nonetheless, POP Mode is a reality and it will be used at the discretion of individual enforcers.

Valentine One has full-time POP Protection
There is nothing you must do to activate POP coverage. It’s built in, and it operates full time. It covers POP on two bands — specifically the MPH Industries models Bee III and Enforcer on both K and Ka.

What the “Dee-Dah-Doo” Tone means
Valentine One is designed to recognize — and ignore — phony POP signals transmitted by poorly-designed detectors. Occasionally a false alarm will be started before verification is certain. If it then determines the source is a junk detector, it will notify you it is retracting that alert with a “Dee-Dah-Doo” sound. A flashing J ( ) indicating “junk” will flash briefly in the Bogey Counter.