Red Arrow Points to the Other Guy’s Blues

Going home from work the other night – I work a 12-hour shift – it was getting dark when V1 started chirping. Five miles of road ahead, long and straight. I’m going all of the posted limit, probably a little more, and there’s a pickup huge in my mirror. When V1 talks, I listen, and … continued

V1 Accompanied by a “Higher Power”

I was cruising easy in my 2016 Challenger Hellcat when V1 chirped. I looked around and saw an everyday Dodge Charger on my right. Maybe he just wanted to say hello. Just then a guy astride a crotch rocket jetted past on my left, wanted me to chase him. Nah! In a finger snap the … continued

As V1 is My Witness

I was driving my red Corvette to west Texas and had just exited Interstate 20 to State Highway 84. A black Honda blew by me on the broad winding turn to the north. I sped up just to see how fast he was going…95 mph! I eased back and set the cruise to 72 mph. … continued

Saved from Something Worse Than a Ticket

I spend a lot of time driving on a rural road called the “Devils Backbone.” I always have my V1 with me even though it’s not a high-speed road by any means, too many hard twists and turns with few guardrails and drop-offs hundreds of feet down. One evening on my commute, V1 lit up … continued

The Heinie Saved was my Own

Living in Calabasas, CA, the nearby Santa Monica mountain roads are a sports car driver’s delight. I take off early, around 5:00 am, to enjoy the twisties all by myself. Lots of tight curves where the speed limit is 35 mph but 45-50 is easy in my roadster. At about 5:30 this morning, V1 screams … continued

When a Stranger Becomes a Fast Friend

My first V1 arrived about a week before the start of a coast-to-coast run, also a first for me. With such a short get-acquainted time, I hit the road knowing I had to go to school on what the various beeps meant and which ones needed my immediate attention. After a few hundred miles I … continued

The Bogey Counter saves again

I drive the same four-mile undulating stretch of road to work every day. There are two Your-Speed-Is radar signs along the route about two miles apart. Between is a small shopping center frequently used as an ambush point. So I expect to have one false alarm on each end of my trip and, occasionally, another … continued

Saved by the counter

Driving down A1A in my part of Florida, the officers still use K-band radar. Mixed in with the various speed signs, door openers, and certain cars柚azdas, particularly葉his is always fun. No radar detector is innocent of this confusion; it’s physically impossible. Figuring out what’s what is difficult, but having V1 on duty gives me a … continued

Speed wasn’t his mistake

This is the second time in 40 years I have been stopped for speeding. I was on the Interstate in Georgia. We were driving an unfamiliar rental car and after stopping for fuel, I accidentally disconnected my V1, which I did not realize until a half-hour later when I was hauled over for 83 in … continued

They were hunters and they were hunting

Dateline–New Jersey Garden State Parkway, southbound at 7:00am: Fourties, 4 State Troopers along a 90-mile stretch, all hidden in ambush, all running instant-on radar. My Valentine warned me each time, way in advance, and saved me four of those dreaded roadside conversations and at least 10 points. Love this detector! Larry Chaityn New York, NY