8500 Crushed in Battle With V1

I ran into a friend who had just bought a Passport 8500. He said it was better than my V1. He said he trusted radartest.com testing more than Car and Driver. So I bet him that my V1 could beat the pants off his Passport 8500, and the winner got to run over the loser’s radar detector. He took my bet.

We put the two detectors in his car and ran them toward three radars. The first was on X band and the V1 beat his Passport by more than a mile. His mouth dropped.

Then we went against K band. My 1997 V1 beat his Passport 8500 by more than two miles.

Then the last test – Ka band over the hill. And my V1 beat him again, more than a mile. So my friend got to watch me run over his nice $299 Passport 8500 that he had just bought two weeks before.

I’m sure Passport got back their crushed 8500 with a nice letter telling them what a piece of s**t it was, and how a 1997 V1 ate it for lunch. I’m sure my friend will be calling you to order from you, too. V1 is still the king.

Joel Rich
Cedar Rapids, IA