Eeny, Meeny, Miny…Uh-oh!

After plenty of research, the Valentine 1 looked best. Still, the penny-pincher in me balked; would the Bogey Counter and directional arrows really be worth $399? I bit the bullet and two days later V1 was on my windshield. The next morning I was on I-20 heading through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex when I came … continued

It’s Christmas and the Grinch Has a Quota

I’m running very late on my way to Christmas in Detroit with my family. Finally, I get past Chicago and all of its rush-hour arterial sclerosis. I’m on fast forward; I dare not arrive in the middle of the night again and wake up my grandparents. I’m weaving in and out of all 4 lanes … continued

Cheesehead Subterfuge

I had my Vette out on Saturday. Normally I don’t use radar detectors, but in that car you have to. Anyway, I rolled on to I-43 and five seconds later V1 went nuts telling me the radar was behind me. There were two cars back there, a minivan and a Bonneville. I thought maybe the … continued

A Streaker, Now Reformed

Driving without my Valentine One is like walking naked down Main Street, yet I’d been without it for 3 months. My last car was totaled when a nephew blew a stop sign. And being the persnickety sort, I couldn’t simply mount the V1 on my dashboard; it has to be hardwired and stealthy as possible, … continued

Thirty Days, No Return

I decided to replace my old radar detector with a V1. The first run with it was a weekend road trip from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. On the way out, I received a few false alarms, but no sign of authority figures. The return trip would be the true test of whether I keep … continued

Afternoon Light Shows

On a sunny afternoon in Vancouver, WA, when I was coming home on highway 14E, I got a Ka alert. It was just one light, but it was persistent, so I thought there might be some business up ahead. I slowed to the posted and moved over in front of a black Navigator from the … continued

Emergency Cardiac Care

I was on my way to work using my Beltronics RX65 Pro when I passed the usual X band falsie right before the grocery store on the corner. My detector always goes off there, night or day. So I ignored the alert and continued to hustle. Needless to say, I was shocked when I came … continued

Responsible With An *

I belong to a motorcycle club in the Northern Sierra’s. We’ve have become accustomed to riding behind one of our members who owns a Valentine One. His warnings, and no tickets in two summers, have made us feel secure. We’ll, there I was on a taco Tuesday, evening leading the group into one of our … continued

Innocent, Whatever That’s Worth

I was headed down a local freeway when V1 sounded. First thing, I checked my speed. As the signal ramped up, I took preemptive action—over one lane and slowed down a bit more. As I passed an on-ramp, V1 screamed! I looked in my side mirror and saw a CHP unit sitting back up the … continued

Hidden, But Not From V1

The intersection of I-10 and 1604 in San Antonio, TX, is a notorious speed trap. Maybe it was just good luck, but I’ve never seen an officer loitering about with his magic ticket gun…until today. V1 was pinging Ka band. I had plenty of time, so no worries there. I made it through the overpass, … continued