Next Best Thing to Having a Badge

In the early days of V1, I purchased one of the first edition. Then I moved to Utah and became a police officer. Having a badge in my car, I gave the V1 away. Big mistake. Recently I quit my cop job and moved back to Arizona. They love photo radar here. So, I decided … continued

Pop Goes the Bee!

On this site I learned of the MPH Bee III and it’s weaseling sneak mode. Then I got “popped.” I had no idea that it was by the Bee, and certainly no notion that it was the underhanded POP mode. But, as is my habit, I was simply exercising my right to see all evidence. … continued

Serves ’em Right

My ex-girlfriend cheated on me and so I broke it off. The other day I’m driving down the freeway in San Antonio and I see her car with her new boyfriend. So of course I pass them. I see her in the rear view telling her boyfriend to speed up, which he does. He zooms … continued

Taxman in the Trees

“Good morning,” I respond, accepting the NY Thruway ticket. Miles go by, full daylight comes, radars are encountered, the normal stuff. I’m rapidly closing on a car in the distance. Seconds later he drops out of sight, then I’m there, entering a gentle decent of 300-400 yards culminating in a wide, sweeping curve to the … continued

Two Someones Watching Over Me

I was on my way to church in my M roadster to prepare music for the three services; I’m the music director. My V1 started beeping on K band, indicating radar ahead. I slowed, and within a half a mile I noticed a State Trooper had already pulled over a poor soul (Sorry for the … continued

V1 on Top Down Under

The scene was New Zealand, the North Island: it was late, and I was driving at a determined pace towards the mountains for a weekend of snowboarding. New Zealand Police have become extremely ruthless at enforcing our low speed limits. With no other cars on the road, I was the vulnerable one. After swinging down … continued

Protection You Can’t Get From Geico

This V1 thing must have been created by the almighty. It literally saved my life. In Maitland, Fl, a suburb just north of Orlando, I was set to cross Highway 414—Maitland boulevard to the locals—and get onto Interstate 4. I was the first car in line at the left turn arrow. Maybe three seconds before … continued

Fire One! Fire Two!

It was Sunday night. I had been visiting my uncle. We’d just found out he was terminal with cancer: needless to say, watching my speed wasn’t at the front of my mind. Knowing how tough laser is to detect, I have an anti-laser cover on my front plate. I was on Long Island, heading up … continued

Resisting the Moron Instincts

Last night, after my brand new V1 arrived, I went out driving with a friend. We were slowly headed down a main road here in town when all of a sudden “brap-brap.” Ka! Right then we came to a red light, and I rolled to a stop next to some moron in his shiny red … continued

Haircuts on Interstate 71

I often make the drive from Akron to Columbus, Ohio. This is where the State Troopers earn their paychecks and take yours! Being from New York, I find the wide-open roads of Ohio an invitation to push the speed just a hair. Ok, make it a wig! Driving north on I71 at 5:20 pm, moderate … continued