Two is Trouble

My local LEOs have been strapping speed-detection units to utility poles around town. They leave them up in an area for a few weeks and then move to a new location. Of course, my V1 Gen2 picks these signals up long before I reach the spot. You get used to these locations and can easily … continued

Worth an Even Longer Wait

After waiting through the backorder period for V1 Gen2, I was eager for the first test drive. As soon as I pulled onto the main street near me, “beep, beep, beep.” I looked all around and could see no source. No wonder! Two blocks ahead there was a “your speed is…” apparatus facing the opposite … continued

Plain-Clothes Enforcers on the Prowl

Driving through Phoenix last night, my V1 started up and wouldn’t quit, showing three Ka sources behind me. I slowed to a fair approximation of the 65mph limit. V1 kept up the annoying alarm for over 5 minutes and I was beginning to think it was on the fritz. I could see headlights behind but … continued

The Trust is Back

Thanks to Gen2, I have my beloved V1 back again. I’ve run the original V1 for twenty some years, upgrading a couple times along the way, but all the clutter in recent years made it nearly impossible to separate the threats from the noise. This new Gen2 is so very quiet that I questioned if … continued

New Radar Priorities, New Solution

I have been an Escort user since the days of Cincinnati Microwave. I have had many generations of them and I haven’t shopped around because of my familiarity with the way Escorts work. Then the automotive industry developed these safety devices to blast K-band every which way. Suddenly, long-range detection wasn’t the most important thing. … continued

Looks Like We’ll be a Two-Gen2 Family

My original V1 served me well. Now I’ve had V1 Gen2 a month. Wowza! A quick trip to San Antonio from Fort Worth last week is a good example…just north of Austin on I35 I got a quick beep on K. I quickly got legal while a kid in a Civic blew past me. A … continued

Things That Go Beeeeeeep in the Night

I drive a fuel truck for a living and decided to test V1 Gen2’s range against radar out in the Nevada desert, to see if I could get a really long-range detect, aka, a moon sniff. It was nighttime, so under the cover of darkness I clamped Gen2 to the visor, connected my phone and … continued

Avoiding Tickets for Fun and Profit

When I bought a new Corvette in South East FL, the state and local revenuers felt I should make more generous contributions to the local till. After my sixth ticket in three months, I wised up. I sought out the best detector available–Valentine 1 of course. Immediately I could detect the presence of police everywhere … continued

My Early Beep Couldn’t Save the Friend Ahead

I had my V1 Gen2 mounted for a couple of months when I went driving some northern Wisconsin backroads with a couple of friends. We came up a hill and V1 chirped a single Ka ahead, then steadied at two bars of strength while the posted limit dropped down to 35 right before the crest. … continued

His Chasing Adrenalin Never Got a Chance to Kick In

I was headed to work early one morning along an interstate highway, “Whalin’ down the freeway at just the cruisin’ power,” as Delaware rocker George Thorogood would have it. The local troopers usually run with their radars on continuously, and I’d never seen any of them shooting laser, so running briskly didn’t bother me. I … continued