Outnumbered but not out gunned

As a new V1 owner—just two months–I didn’t know what to expect on my first trip, a nine hour run from Florida to North Carolina. I hooked the device up in my friend’s car, much to his doubts about its usefulness, and we rolled out. A few hours into the trip, on my driving shift, … continued

No bogey counter, no clue

It’s early morning and I’ve just left El Paso eastbound on I10, still in the in the rolling hills where the posted limit is 70—the 80-mph zone doesn’t start till Sierra Blanca. In the mirror I spot two fast runners coming up behind, just as my V1 starts talking. I’ve got the cruise set at … continued

You can’t beat this return policy

My wife used to turn off my radar detectors because they went off nonstop. “What’s the use,” she would say. It was so annoying we nearly stopped using them. But then we were planning a trip to Georgia from New Jersey. I suggested we try a V1, which I had heard only a little about … continued

First my V1 was stolen, then I blue it!

Forgive me Mike, for I have sinned! Back a few months my Valentine 1, faithful kemosabe of nearly a decade, was sadly taken from me during a break-in. I must have been in depression as I replaced the electronics in my vehicle. There is no other explanation for why the naked spot on my windshield … continued

Nope, nobody here but us shoppers

A few of my friends have had V1’s for years, and they’re forever telling me about “the arrows and the counter” and their resulting avoidance of what we might call “unpleasantries.” I’ve been using other detectors all of that time, and every once in a while I’ve gotten tickets. I always figured they were inevitable … continued

LEOs have a LEO problem, too

I’ve had my V1 one day and already I love how accurate it is. I’m at a traffic light. Cops are beside and behind me. V1 is doing its job, flashing its arrows and counting bogeys. My destination is the store just past the light. As I pull into the parking lot I notice that … continued

Flashing lights in the mirror, then whew!

I recently helped a friend move from North Carolina back home to Oregon. The plan was for me to fly to NC and give a hand on the long, five day journey across the country. Before I even thought about packing my clothes and toothbrush, I made absolutely sure my Valentine One was in the … continued

One jerk, properly smoked

I was westbound from Syracuse, NY, to Denver, CO, driving my 2006 VW Jetta TDI. This former United States Navy pilot knows the importance of situation awareness, so I’ve hard wired my V1 to the windshield. I also operate a sophisticated GPS. Normally I cruise five to six mph above the posted on distance legs … continued

Okay, but our warranty doesn’t cover marriages

A V1 is not good for marital bliss. Two V1s, however, make a different story. I use my V1 on my motorcycle and have for years. Before V1, I was in danger of having my license suspended. After V1, no tickets–zip, zero, nada. Got rid of the crotch-rocket and while looking for a sport-touring model, … continued

Opting for a Good-Neighbor policy

It’s been two years since I sold my Valentine One. What came over me, you ask? Well, I sold my Porsche, so I didn’t need a radar detector, right? The friend to whom I sold the V1 tells me all the time of how it has saved his ham hocks. On a recent trip to … continued