Best Early Christmas Present Ever

I asked Mom for a V1 for Christmas. I told her it was the only thing I wanted so, please, could I have it early. Boy, am I glad! I was driving to hockey practice, I-69 to Indy from Fort Wayne. After about 30 minutes, we had our little party of followers. Two of them … continued

A Point Well Made

A state-trooper friend from Michigan just retired. When we set off driving up through Wisconsin to his retirement party, he warned me to watch my speed when we got close. He’s in a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan, just beyond the Wisconsin border, and the PD’s on both sides like to feed … continued

Information Instead of Assumptions

For the last 20 years I’ve owned Escorts and Passports. But I recently purchased a V1 after much research; it has some programmable features not available on the others. Two weeks with V1 and I can say it’s the best I’ve ever owned. It helps tremendously if you can trust that a KA alert is … continued

Bogey, Bogey, Where’s the Bogey?

I’ve been a frequent traveler between traveler between Houston and Dallas over the last three years and I thought I’d seen it all…until last week. North of Fairfield is a nice little rest stop. It just happens to have a return ramp to I45 that’s totally obscured from freeway traffic, something that never registered on … continued

Driver, Know Thyself

I travel back and forth on the New Jersey Turnpike almost every weekend. Most of the toll booths with E-Z Pass have radar telling your speed. On my first trip with my new V1, it found the radar while I was still on the on-ramp. I was sold! With this amazing piece of engineering I … continued

The Defendant Gets Long-Term Defense

Before becoming a California attorney, I was a Valentine One believer. Both family cars have upgraded V1s. I was recently retained by a client with a long drive to work through Bogeyland. Said client was collecting tickets at a pace that threatened the driving license. Though I was retained only to defend against several speeding … continued

Beeps at the Back Door

I live in New Mexico. There is a lot of space between towns, and we drive accordingly. I was running about 80 on a back highway outside of Fort Sumner, headed towards Albuquerque. There wasn’t much traffic early in the morning and I would notice, once in awhile, that my Valentine One would kinda beep, … continued

Respect from the Middle Lane

I was on I94 eastbound in fairly heavy traffic on my way home from Detroit, clipping along at about 75-80 mph with my detector on. I get passed by a Hemi powered Grand Cherokee traveling in excess of 85 mph. I know the speed because I tucked in behind the black Jeep to follow. We … continued

The Signs of the Man

I was traveling to work on my motorcycle via my usual route, V1 plugged in and switched on. “Brap.” it said, and ahead I could see one of those portable “information” radars that tell you your speed. Usually, most people slow down, then speed up right away when they’re past, myself included—but what’s this? It’s … continued

Life Under Lidar

With the recent increase in lidar traps in Calgary, I decided that it was time for me to upgrade from my friend of four years, a Beltronics 985. My initial choices of lidar/radar detectors were the Escort Passport 8500 X50 and the Beltronics Sti. Not Valentine One; I though it too expensive. I settled on … continued