Max benched, V1 takes over

I was driving in Thompson Ridge, NY, late on a winter night, testing a gifted Passport Max, when it lit up a warning that continued for miles and miles; I didn’t know where it was coming from or if it was real. All I knew was that Max was, uh, alarmed. Luckily, the Passport Max … continued

A smarty behind a dummy

I’ve made hundreds of trips from Miami to Key West over the past 21 years and, like anywhere else, you’ll get X and K alerts from shopping centers and grocery stores, but Vaca Key has a special presentation. Most people call it Marathon Key, by the way, but Marathon is actually the name of the … continued

Finds the Polizei, too

V1 went with me on my last trip to Europe. Just before midnight I was driving on one of the main streets in Vienna, capital of Austria, with V1 re-programmed for the European frequencies and mounted onto my BMW’s rearview mirror. Traffic was mild, and there was a sign indicating a reduced speed limit of … continued

Officer Friendly goes to the dark side

My V-1 Moment goes on and on. I have a friend who is a highway patrol officer. While hanging out one day we were talking about radar and detectors. He informed me that he could catch anyone, radar detector or not. I took the challenge. We live in the same town, he knows where I … continued

Max meets V1, comes in second

I traded in my Passport 9500ix for the new Passport Max, so when the new Max malfunctioned and I had to send it back, I had nothing to fall back on. Escort said two weeks for replacement. So I decided to get a second detector, as a back-up and also to test against Max to … continued

Three-AM infarction warning

I was driving from Chicago to Minneapolis–remember the moment like it was yesterday. I got a late start and was in the middle of nowhere around three in the morning. I was heading up a slight hill on the interstate into a bend to the right. About half way up the grade I came to … continued

Our Escort didn’t go off

I was in my supercharged Trailblazer SS, followed by my daughter and son-in-law in their Jeep SRT8, heading east on I80. We’d just crossed into Ohio from Indiana. Each of us has a detector attached to the bottom of our rearview mirror, an Escort 9500 for him, V1 for me. The women were talking between … continued

V1 says, “Uh-uh”

I was rolling south down 51 Highway near Union City, TN, wasting no time, when V1 barked. I slowed to the limit. As I rounded the curve nearly one mile beyond, Tennessee’s finest were hard at work collecting road rent. When I passed the set-up point a patrol unit pulled out and began to tail … continued

What mom really needs

I was driving home tonight through a small town. I had just passed a truck when V1 chirped the distinct sound of radar, arrow pointing ahead. I immediately slowed, and the truck zoomed by me. As I follow him over a bridge, V1 chirps again, indicating two radars ahead. The truck continues to pull away … continued

Attaboy, V1!

My first V1, freshly hooked up in the Corvette. I drive out the driveway. Maybe 30 yards down the road it comes alive…Ka ahead. My road has a curve about a mile from my house. As I get closer, V1 ramps up. Half way through the curve it’s at full alert, and about 200 yards … continued