V1 Reaches Out from Another Car

A friend was so favorably impressed with my new Subaru Sti that he purchased the exact same model about three weeks later. Unfortunately, his vehicle lacked one accessory which I consider essential equipment—Valentine One. Bill agreed, in theory, that he should buy a V1. But despite my merciless cajoling and predictions of doom, he simply … continued

Bum Rap Leads to New Friendship

May 8, 2005 – that date is burned into my world view; I was on my way home after work, running a no-risk 64 mph in a 60 zone. A Missouri Highway Patrol car rose out of a dip in front of me, drove past, turned around, and proceeded to pull me over. “License and … continued

Keister Saved, Dad converted

Back when I was living with my Dad up in Redmond, WA, we tried to get out on the road at least once a year. We were on the longest stretch of the three-week trip, from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Elko, NV, a 675-mile westward run on I80, when I came on a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 … continued

Radar Can’t Read Intent, or Lack of Same

There is nothing like owning something wonderful and feeling like it’s OK to let it go. I was doing so well at watching my speed that I sold my V1 for someone else to enjoy. On a sunny Sunday morning I’m heading to a continuing education course. Entering a town that is known for speed … continued

Shoulda Hadda V1

I致e had my V1 for over a year now and love it! And just this last weekend it showed why it痴 the best. My friend謡ho always wants to out-do me傭ought a Beltronic STI. I told him V1 was better but he went Bel and now goes on and on about how good it is. Well, … continued

Dark Was the Night and His Intentions

I was heading through the desert from San Diego to Phoenix in a BMW 335i Convertible one cool Sunday evening. I had stopped in Gila Bend, AZ, for a shot of coffee before running the last leg into Phoenix. As I merged on to 85 northbound I had a full-blast signal from the rear courtesy … continued

It’s the Arrows, Stupid

I’d been thinking lately about selling both my V1 and my “other brand” backup detector, then depositing the proceeds into the “shiny new detector fund.” Because I’ve been driving a company truck without a radar detector for so long, I had forgotten about the arrows and why they’re so useful. Then, a couple of nights … continued

Oh, the Bucks Not Saved

Many years ago a friend laughed at me when I showed him my $120.00 ticket courtesy of the Arizona State Patrol. He said to me, “Jay, you need a Valentine. If you don’t have a Valentine you’re asking for it.” So I decided to save a buck and buy a Cobra. “Hey, there can’t be … continued

Mike Had My Six

One night a few years back, I was driving home. It was autumn and the sun was setting earlier, helped along by our change over from Daylight Savings Time. I was driving my “cop magnet,” a 1994 Yellow Mitsubishi 300GT VR4. I had recently bought a V1, having believed in its unique directional-arrow technology. So … continued

Wild Weasel on I-75

Before I was sent back to Vietnam the second time, I was trained as a Wild Weasel pilot. Wild Weasel is an Air Force nickname for fighter pilots and electronic warfare officers who are specially trained to detect and interpret radar signals with the goal of keeping enemy radars from threatening friendly aircraft, especially in … continued