One Showing and One in the Hole

Doing the daily commute this morning, left lane, maybe a little over the limit in a pack of cars doing ditto: V1 chirped and arrowed behind. I eased over one lane from the left (of four), and assessed the situation. Sure enough, a trooper was coming up in the left lane I just vacated. I … continued

Where’s the Fire?

My uncle and aunt were in town for a few weeks from England. About twenty years back, they visited Las Vegas; we decided to head down again for another look. While driving on one of those super-boring desert roads leading to Vegas from northern California, I made the mistake of passing a fire truck going … continued

Pandemic Congestion, Now With Laser

I purchased my Valentine One three years ago and I’ve wondered from the beginning, why does it have laser protection? Lasers are nothing like radar; lasers use light. It will be completely blocked, or reflected, by the object it is pointed at, leaving no chance for the beam to strike my detector. Wouldn’t the manufacturer … continued

Yea, Though I Drive Through the Valley of Radar

Sunday morning, 0530 hours: I’m working, heading for a toy show in my Honda Civic, with my best friend V1. Driving on Route 38 (Roosevelt Road), empty this time of day, invites hustle; 10 or 15 over the posted 35 would be easy. Entering Oakbrook Terrace, I get the usual false signals from storefronts and … continued

For Lack of a Little Black Number

I take the same route to and from work every day. Recently, our local Sheriff’s Dept. put its speed trailer on the route, spitting K band and flashing when you’re five mph over the limit. V1 always picks it up early and I keep my speed close to the limit. Then, on my way home … continued

A Counter to Count On

My V1 counts better than I do!!! A friend and I were cruising through New Brunswick, NJ, right through the heart of an area dense with radar signals. I commented to my friend, “It always reads 2 bogeys in this area.” My friend looks at the concealed display and tells me, “It reads three bogeys.” … continued

Keeping Up With the Law in Texas

I am a college student. I travel from Waco, where I go to school, to my home and several other places across Texas and Louisiana—92,548 miles worth in two years. I had an encounter with a state trooper north of College Station. I had been following him, about a half-mile behind, for about 80 miles. … continued

Doctor’s Little Helper

I deliver babies for a living. Naturally, that gets me out and about at all hours. I am rushing to the hospital often after 2AM when the only ones out are people leaving bars, cops looking for people leaving bars, and doctors going to the hospital. The cops have a hard time telling us apart … continued

A Construction Zone; They Were Constructing Ticket

When I started looking for a better detector, I read all the tests, including the one from Speed Measurement Labs 2004 that’s touted by the other big detector maker. I wondered why the testers had all the detectors on the windshield, powered up at the same time. Mike Valentine has pointed out that this is … continued