Toll Bridge, Ticket Bridge, Same Thing

Southbound on the I95 in The Bronx, coming up on the Throgs Neck bridge, I was cruising with the flow, 60-62mph. No rush: finishing a long day at work was stress enough. V1 had started a deet-deet that was still strong as I neared the deceleration zone for the tollbooths. Bleary-eyed, I had noticed a … continued

He Zapped My Sweet Spot, Not His

A certain detector-testing website downgrades V-1 because its directions say, “mount it high on the windshield.” It was precisely that high position that saved me. I was booking along the parkway when the laser warning went off, its strident tone sending my foot to the brake pedal even before I had consciously identified the warning … continued

Group Encounters Of the Worst Kind

My V1 took a little getting used to, I must admit. It seemed to detect everything, including how many door openers in the local grocery store. But now I see why the Counter is so important. 1: Coming back into Austin from Houston, I am still, after 50 miles, moving along with the same five-car … continued

The Old Trailer Trick

Yesterday afternoon my V1 arrived, and already it has proven its mettle. I live in a small town in Connecticut that has gone radar crazy. Thanks to a federal grant, tons of older radar equipment has been passed down to local municipalities. Our boys in blue can’t get enough new toys. Among other innovations, they … continued

The “Ahead” Arrow Doesn’t Play Games

Everyday I have a 35-minute commute, most of it along 417 around Orlando. Usually there are no enforcers, but every now and again I will come across the notorious Florida Highway Patrol. Early one morning, I was running a few minutes behind schedule, and trying to make up for it. Another car hitched up right … continued

Sleepy Town, Heavily Fortified

Here in West Virginia, the old reliable X band and K band radars are common in the small towns. I’ve recently been using both the Passport 8500 and my V1, to satisfy myself as to which is better. Every day I drop off a major highway, Rt. 50, onto a small highway, (Rt. 18. This … continued

It’s Not Noise If You Have V1

I’m a frequent driver through the Chicago Metropolitan area. It’s clotted with radar signals, from both police and non-police sources. Recently, coming down US-34 (Odgen Avenue), I came across a thicket of the non-police variety, door openers from what I could tell. But imbedded within them was a Ka alert…from Ahead. I was only doing … continued

Lasered But Not Toasted

Here in the State of Maryland, the local authorities have a reputation; they’re MERCILESS! I commute on I95 near Baltimore, where Ka band is as common as the smokestacks that define our city’s skyline. The state budget thrives under the ticket machine. Solo encounters with Lidar are usually fatal. But for a responsible driver who … continued

Attila the Weedeater

I’m an airline employee as well as a professional driver for folks who summer in NY and winter in FL. During each migration I have the pleasure of driving Lexus, Infiniti, and the likes. About a year ago I was running one of the cars north when I was “popped” by a Maryland State Trooper. … continued

I Slowed, They Didn’t

I have been a devout Passport user for ten years. Having to buy yet another model to get the up-to-date protection was always an irritation With that in mind, Passport sent me a special rebate on the new 8500. I thought about it, then did some research. I chose V1 instead. Over the years, Passport … continued