Oh, it’s Nothing

“Yeah, right…Oh s—t!” These were the last words I heard from my driving buddies as the trap closed. They’ll be getting V1’s soon. My local Porsche club buddies and I frequently go on Saturday drives, early in the morning. There is a stretch nearby where we “open up.” We feel safe; we know the area. … continued

Night of the Scoffer

We were hustling up Interstate 5 to San Francisco. One of my passengers, a former military tech type, scoffed at the V1. “You paid HOW much for that thing? I got a good radar detector for $100!” As often happens on I-5, a small convoy formed. Looking over, I could see that one of them … continued

Is It Broken In Yet?

A new motorcycle deserves a new Valentine 1…and after positioning the instrument on the mount, I went for a short ride to make sure everything was okay. On the next ride, the V1 went flying off. I had forgotten to finalize the mount by permanently installing the Velcro. It slid perhaps 100 feet down the … continued

The “Good Boy” Benny

I was running late, and perhaps a little above the speed limit. Suddenly V1 reminded that I’m traveling in the ticket zone, so of course I slowed down. As the intensity meter increased and the arrow pointed straight ahead, my foot naturally relaxed on the gas. But my pulse didn’t. I always find it exciting … continued

The Cousin Bogey Search

V1 let me “get one” on a favorite cousin that I will never let him live down. The cousin, at the time, was a LEO for the county we both call home. He always loved the fact that the department could afford new cars and all the latest equipment, especially the speed detecting devices. When … continued

Avoid Radar, Meet Girls

I’m by myself in the middle of Texas. Then I notice another car, something sporty, approaching from way back. I’m going a good click and it’s just a bit faster. As we come up on some small rises, I’m getting faint Ka mixed with K on V1, so I let up a bit. Sports car … continued

Taking Casualties in Ohio, Heavy Casualties

So I’m traveling through Ohio on I-80, caravanning with five other friends, all headed to a student car competition outside Detroit. I’ve just installed my Valentine One. I’m coming down a hill and all of a sudden I get a laser warning. Scares the pants off of me. Duck into the right lane, see the … continued

Okay, Buddy, Where’s the Fire?

I am a volunteer fireman. On several occasions I have responded to calls late at night while driving in my wife’s car, which lacks the flashing lights required to warn others that I am on my way to an emergency. I have owned my V1 for several years now. It has saved many precious moments … continued

Not Guilty by Reason of V1

It was a beautiful spring day, blue skies, warm temperatures, windows down, life couldn’t have been better. I got off the main highway and took the service road to the street that would get me home. For the five years I’ve lived here, it’s been an area known for speeders. As soon as I hit … continued