V1 versus the dust collector

I have a V1 and an Escort Redline. The Redline is in the closet collecting dust. Why? Because, as a detector enthusiast, I want the best of the best, and there is no path for improvement with the Redline. Escort just wants to sell you a new model. V1 is a different story. Kudos to Mike … continued

Wee-hours ambush, no casualties

I just wanted to tell you that I love my V1–it has served me well for years. It saved me in the wee hours as I was coming back from Madison, Wisconsin. I topped a hill and got a full-frontal blast. Outside was pitch black and LEO was lights off. I spiked the brakes. Sure … continued

V1 spoke when it counted

We took my Turbo Miata to Colorado. It’s fast, and the higher in altitude it goes, the better the turbo seems to breath. The route: Dallas to Colorado Springs–about 725 miles north to Amarillo, then on TX 87 through Dalhart into New Mexico. Just before we hit the border, near Perco, TX, there was a hit on … continued

Even if it’s a gimmick, it’s a great one

I always thought radar detectors were gimmicks, so I didn’t have one for my trip from SC to NY. Didn’t get far without a ticket-Pennsylvania. Officer Friendly didn’t let me off, but dinged me only five over. I stopped at a truck stop a few miles up the road and bought a cheap Cobra detector. … continued

Seeing is believing

I was heading for Lime Rock Park, a road-race course in southern Connecticut, in my M3 on an early June morning, my Brand X detector scouting the terrain ahead. The road is a rural two-lane with a 55 limit. I thought I was moving right along until a Viper roadster passed me. I upped the … continued

No longer bedeviled by lane-change false alarms

I purchased a brand new 2017 Honda Pilot Elite a couple of months ago, and wanted a new radar detector for my high-tech vehicle. Based on some online reviews, I ordered an Escort Max 360. After installing it, I was amazed—appalled, really–at the constant K-Band false alarms, which occurred even in very rural areas where … continued

No day of rest for the revenuers

It’s Sunday morning, early, before eight. We’re in the Black Hills of South Dakota, heading home. Next up is a little “poke and plumb town,” you know, where you poke your head out the window and you’re plumb out of town. No traffic on the highway. Nothing happening. About four miles out, V1 chirps Ka. … continued

The Max with the micro arrows

A friend wanted to show off his new toy. He knew I had a V1, and that I was an Arrows Guy, so he was going to show me that his “newer” detector was better. He decided to go with the Escort Max 360 because he said V1 had been the same “forever.” Of course … continued

This time the rear arrow takes the prize

This goes back to a crazy thing I did with my first V1. I had just flown 1300 miles from home to look at an old car, which I decided to purchase and drive all the way home. There I was on the interstate driving along in my new 23-year-old Lincoln Continental Mark III. Right … continued

Cheap was my way, until it wasn’t

I’ve always had a radar detector and I always opted for cheap. With instant-on out there, how much difference could there be? Boy, was I ever wrong! On my job I test drive customer cars, three or four times a day on the same stretch of road. One of the customers left his V1 plugged … continued