If it’s not V1 it’s a compromise

In the ticket-avoidance game I’m a lifer. Before detectors I had CB radios, then I bought a Fuzzbuster back in the 70’s, then Cobras and Escorts. I thought they were great卽ntil the V1 came out. Nothing compares. I had forgotten what a difference the arrows and bogey counter make until I sent my V1 in … continued

A warning to the wise

I’d long considered buying a V1 for my hour-and-a-half each way daily commute, but I never could quite to justify the cost since I’d never been pulled over for speeding…until today. But on the way home, heading out of the small town of Reidsville, I got behind an out-of-state driver who was obviously lost. I … continued

Must have been a no-wake zone

I’ve had my V1 for 10 years, the same detector, and it works great still. Recently I was enjoying a beautiful sunny day with my convertible top down. I’ve been in Texas long enough to know the weather doesn’t use turn signals, but never mind悠 put my V1 on the floor where nobody would see … continued

Was there life before V1?

I’ve owned several radar detectors but never a Valentine One. Too expensive, I thought, but my Passport let me down … got me a speeding ticket. Instead of stepping up to the new Passport 9500ix, I saved up for a V1. I told my wife when I ordered it. She was upset at the price, … continued

A lifetime of luck all used up in one bust

I just got lucky, no other way to say it. I have a 2009 Z06 Hennessey Corvette, 641hp with a top end of 213.38 mph, more or less. I was going to the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Coming out of Wickenburg, AZ, I passed a Mazda, just threw it down a couple of … continued

The fish that got away

While southbound on the interstate in a three-car gaggle, V1 picked up a trooper going the opposite direction, so we all became saints in short order—a typical day with V1. Not too long after the cruiser passed, V1 gave me two blips from the rear, separated a bit in time. I normally wouldn’t worry, but … continued

Life after laser

Anyone who lives or passes through Atlanta knows that following the speed limit on the loop, or on any of the interstates, will get you run over. It’s posted 55 in most places but the traffic runs 72 or better. I was on the south side near the airport where several of the runways and … continued

It really works

I live on a rural road rarely roamed by the authorities, so on my morning and evening commutes, I enjoy a spirited yet safe drive. Not so on some of the other roads in the area, which are decorated with trooper and sheriff cars. So after seeing a review in the online motorcycle magazine, Backroads, … continued

Another trip, another laser hit

Here’s one for those that say laser detectors don’t work. It was late at night, and I was driving on a dark, deserted section of Interstate 90 in PA. The posted limit is 65; my cruise control was set, oh, let’s say a scosche above. I moved over to the left lane to pass a … continued

Soon it’ll be a lasting relationship

Today I was having a conversation with my 15-year-old son on the best products I ever bought. Right at the top of my list was my Valentine One. Please keep in mind that my son was born nine years after I bought the V1. Now, twenty-two years after purchase—seven vehicle and 22 Chicago winters parked … continued