Staying put till the threat is exposed

was driving from Montgomery, Alabama, through Houston, Texas, to home in Bellevue, Nebraska with my ten-year-old V1. While going through Houston, my V1 started beeping, saying I had two warnings; one ahead, and one behind. I was doing the speed limit, but there was greyhound bus tailgating me. The chirping quickened until I passed a … continued

False alarms upgraded away

I have two V1s, both long timers. The one in my daily driver was giving me more and more false alarms. I read that there was a new feature, Junk-K Fighter I think you call it, so I told my wonderful wife this upgrade is what I wanted for Christmas. I sent in my old … continued

Will the real radar please identify itself?

I’ve driven with the V1 for several years now and appreciate its ability to locate and identify radar. That appreciation rose to a whole new level this past weekend. Heading south down a well-travelled road, V1 indicated both K and Ka radar ahead and to the side. The radar count rapidly rose to four signals. … continued

Two sheriffs maintaining the peace

I knew that the 55-zone I was in dropped abruptly to a residential 35 just ahead. My V1 sounded off, as it had numerous times before on this daily commute, indicating a radar ambush barely into the 35 zone. I should add that this 35 mph zone contains a sharp “S” curve, first turning right … continued

On the Res with my Kemosabe

My wife and I flew to Phoenix for a seven-day vacation in Northern Arizona. Since we were renting a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, I packed V1 in my carry-on rather than my older, battery-operated “other brand” detector. The 911 was probable-cause red, and I knew that no sin would be too venial for prosecution. On our … continued

Heading for the Texas horizon

Got my V1 and was eager to try it out in the Adrenaline Rally, Dallas to Houston in the fast lane. There was a full-on rumble of great cars: my SS Camaro, a supercharged Camaro, plus a Ferrari, Lambo and a bunch of other superhighway heroes. As we roll into one of the small Texas … continued

Leading from behind when it counted

In my younger days, I put the pedal to the metal and blurred the weekend roadways. Why stay home? And the long-range detection of V1 was unmatched. Mind you, this was 20-plus years ago. Alas, the only blemish on my record is one in which V1 had no part…failure to come to a complete stop. … continued

Great Escape stories told and retold

Tech maven that I am, my equipment is top of the line and state of the art, but my cheapo buddies usually buy, well, the cheap stuff. With that as the background, this is the story of four families in four SUVs setting out on a convoy. Destination: Mammoth, California. The five hour, 300-mile run … continued

Full alert in the YewPee

Was on my motorcycle in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the final leg of the Lake Superior Circle Tour. After that many miles, needless to say I wanted to get home. So I was moving at a very good clip on the remote roads, nothing but trees for witnesses, when V1 came to life. … continued

V1 even sees the future

I’m eastbound on Highway 26 from Seaside, OR, to Portland, my girlfriend and 13-year-old son in the car. Ahead are two cars, the leader a slow poke, the second rarin’ to run. I get a quick blast of instant on; V1’s direction arrow tells me it’s oncoming. I tell my passengers to watch what happens … continued