The Sheriff Plays Peek-a-boo

I bought a V1 and a bright red Cobra convertible at the same time. One month later, the wife and I are driving in East Texas. The road is a long, unbending two lane; a ten-mile stretch straight as a string. The wife is driving to see what the new car is like. The wife … continued

Trunks Up, Aim, Fire!

My V1 and I have witnessed plenty of devious scenarios in the past 130,000 miles, but this incident in Maryland takes the cake. I was cruising home from the office at, let’s say, express speed in light traffic when my V1 brapped out two Ka bogeys ahead, then stopped. Maryland has few Ka false alarms. … continued

The Best Christmas Present Ever

I was reading Car and Driver, sitting on the couch at Johanna’s parents’ house; she was my girlfriend. The issue featured a test of radar detectors. I remember mentioning to her, I wish I could afford the winner. It was Valentine One. Christmas came, I opened the package and there was Valentine One. I remember … continued

Led Wrong by Little Man on Left

I have owned three different radar detectors, most recently a Passport. I had considered Valentine One, but the little man on my left shoulder kept saying, “too expensive. What makes it so special that it can demand $400?” Ignoring the little man on my right shoulder, I yielded to the little man on the left … continued

Two Friends, Two Detectors, One Reality Check

One day we took my BMW 528i with its hardwired V1 and remote display and went to King of Prussia Shopping mall with our friends. They were driving a VW Jetta with a Passport sucked to the middle of the windshield and cigarette lighter power cord. The trip is almost 2 hours on PA Turnpike. … continued

Straight From the Trigger Man

I don’t own a V1…yet. But after what happened, I’m dumping my Escort. I was in upstate NY when I met a Trooper in the oncoming lane. I saw him, slowed down and, because my Escort never made a peep, continued on without worry. Five minutes later he was at my window telling me he … continued

Ask a Man Who Wears a Badge

I read with interest James Barnes’ comments about getting rid of his V1 when he became a police officer (December, 2003). I’m a Deputy Sheriff, and I currently own not one, but two V1s. It simply would never have occurred to me that, just because I’m an officer of the law, I’m not allowed to … continued

Behind the Truck I Saw My Enemy

Here in Puerto Rico, Ka band is used to monitor speed. The other day as I was traveling about 70 on the highway, my V1 said “one enemy patrol behind very far.” As I continued in my Ford Explorer, my V1 continued with one Ka behind, but incrementing in strength. I looked through the mirror … continued

Escaped Another One, Another Moron That Is

As a long-distance motorcycle rider, I encounter numerous morons but none quite as persistent as this one. I acquired a pickup-truck “buddy” as he entered the interstate behind me. Did he see that I had a V1 up behind the windshield, or was it a bike thing? He got MUCH too close. I decided to … continued

A “Fess Up” From the Back Side of the Badge

When I was a police officer, I used my V1 to find the multiple-bogey areas in town. Then I hid in the “false alarm zone” and ran my radar and laser guns. I can honestly say that the majority of the prey I caught had some sort of other detector, if they had any at … continued