Snookered by his own GPS

A friend and I were talking about the “good-old-days”—when we were in high school back in the late eighties he owned a Passport and I had an Escort. He showed me his new radar detector, a Passport with GPS protection. I tried to explain to him that Passport isn’t what it used to be and … continued

On knowing when you’re cooked

Not all stories are about the avoiding the trap… I was cruising down I-10 coming into Jacksonville, FL, when I found myself stuck behind two truckers whose sole purpose in life appeared to be regulating the speed of every other driver to 60 by driving side-by-side. After nearlyten minutes of the blockade, I finally saw … continued

Busting bass boats

I’ve had my V1 for years now, memorabilia from the days of having a hot foot on the highways. A few years ago it went on the blink, so I retired it at the same time I retired my fast-forward ways. I live in Florida and fish bass tournaments on the St. Johns River. They … continued

D’ju see how fast the other guy wuz goin?

My wife and I were driving east on I-70 towards Topeka, KS. Traffic was fairly heavy on this four lane interstate, and a little too pokey to suit me. I had moved into the left lane to overtake a Camaro and was just about around him as we approached an overpass on a curve to … continued

Who dat say dat BEEP-rap?

When I bought a 6-speed luxury performance sedan last year, I knew the time had come to get a V1. Still, putting aside my intuition, I asked my fiancee’s father—a fellow car guy with an S4 as a daily driver—for advice. He handed me an old Passport 7500 with instructions on how to trade it … continued

Oh, what a relief it is

I have a V1 and a Beltronics RX65 but the all-knowing, all-telling arrows make the V1 my favorite. Recently, though, the V1 suffered an error message so I started using the Bel again. It drove me nuts trying to figure out where the threats were. Since I had to drive through Cincinnati on my way … continued

V1 earns a one-word review

I sat on the fence for so long, crawling through detector reviews and blogs until I finally made the move on the Valentine One. I live in Los Angeles and recently took a job in San Jose. With the kids in school, I promised the missus I would work Monday-Friday and come home for the … continued

Situation awareness versus the sheriff

While driving home from work, my V1 suddenly alerted me about a bogey closing from the rear. I could see nothing behind on this very curvy road, but the signal steadily grew stronger. I had to stop for a red light and when the sheriff unit finally came into view, it was obvious that the … continued

Avoiding the Porsche Tax

I drive an old Porsche, 1973 body, ‘83 subframe and a ‘93 motor–the best of every decade. I like to wrench and this is my baby. I’m not a speed demon. I save my triple digit speeds for the track, and I don’t like paying the “Porsche Tax” when I’m on the road, so my … continued

Another laser, another escape

My first V1 was born in 1993. It still worked great, but I sent it in for an Upgrade. Defense is vital, I figure. And here’s an example of why I say that. I’m in the right lane of a 65-mph zone doing, well, let’s just say “what comes natcherly,” and watching a pickup in … continued