A dark and not-quite lonely night

I’ll be honest: my first detector was another brand. However, it soon became apparent that Cobra lacked the situation awareness I needed. I could tell when radar was nearby, but where?

I work away from home during the week. My commute takes me down stretches of I-10, I-35, and Texas 21. Big cities and those notorious small towns clutter the path.

On a same-old-same-old night drive, I set out after 9pm on the first leg, eastbound on I-10 toward San Antonio. But this time my newly-acquired V1 was clipped to the passenger visor. Just seven miles into her maiden voyage, she begins chirping. As I approach the county line, the ominous red dots begin accumulating, accompanied by more frequent beeps. The speed limit at the county line drops five mph to 70. I let off the accelerator and coast toward the line.

On the welcoming committee, looking to party, was a lone LEO. In the darkness he could surprise me, but couldn’t surprise V1!

Mark Cross
Boerne, TX