A Good Parade To Skip

I was on a tough two-day run from Michigan to Colorado.  Yeah, I was feeling that old urge to get there and get it done.  

Driving across I-94 toward Chicago, V1 Gen2 chirped a Ka-band wake-up just as a pack of three SUVs rushed by me at the speed limit plus twenty or so.  I resisted the temptation to slot in at the back of pack and continued at my judicious pace.  We soon broke over a hilltop and the signal strength meter went full berserko. 

At the bottom of that hill waited one of Michigan’s stalwarts, resplendent in a blue SUV with the oh-so-official gumball on top, and, yes, said stalwart did pull out behind the parade after they had all hit their brakes coming down the hill.

She lit up one of them, let him pull to the right lane, then hustled on ahead in the left lane, keeping her flashers off.

You know how this story ends.  A mile or so later she’d run down the lead Jeep Cherokee and was walking to the passenger side for a chat.

I pay very close attention every time V1 peeps Ka.  It’s always right.

Steve Hultquist
Longmont, CO

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