A laser winner and a laser loser

The scene: I-20 eastbound–a colleague and I were scheduled to perform an audit in Lincoln, Alabama.

I waited for him but he was running late, so he told me to leave and he would meet me there. I grabbed my V1 and set it up in my company car. En route, V1 screamed its laser-ahead alarm, then stopped. I slowed immediately. As I pulled over to the right a black Maxima came by at speed. It was my colleague with his Passport on his dash, completely oblivious to the laser ahead. I flashed my high beams trying to warn him. He just waved, thinking I was saying hi!

Less than a mile ahead, six troopers were lined up. One pulled out, lights flashing. He passed me and pulled over my unwary colleague.

About a half hour after I arrived at our destination my placebo-packing partner showed up. He wasn’t happy. I suggested he should upgrade his detector to a V1. He just growled.

Thanks, Mike, for V1. I just sent mine in for the latest upgrade.

Joe Marra
Pell City, AL