A Shriek in the Night

It had been a late evening, my friends and I had just left the restaurant. One of them takes the same highway I do to get home, so we end up going the same way. He has no detector, I have my V1.

As we hit the on ramp of the highway, I’m in the lead. He wants to show me he can keep accelerating with me. I have a muscle car, so I drop it and he starts to fall back. Satisfied that my show was convincing, I let off and he settles in behind me as we get onto the freeway.

Traveling west on I435, running at an express clip, we’re approaching a construction site, which starts just after a bridge and drops to 55. Knowing that it’s around midnight and a weekend, I know there’s no construction going on, so I keep my pace.

Just before we hit that zone謡e池e the only two cars on the road遊1 lets loose its laser shriek. I down shift and brake hard, not worried for myself but for my friend behind.

V1 keeps shrieking, the red arrow pointing dead ahead. I scan the layout, and on the right shoulder I see a local yokel with his car set at that strategic angle that prevents the glow of his reflective decals until you’re right on him. He’s holed up at the beginning of the bridge.

I pass by him at the speed limit and V1 continues it’s piercing scream until my friend passes as well. The enforcer stays planted. No pursuit!

My wireless rings, it’s my friend. “What did he hit you with?”

“Laser,” I say. “He was too soon and too long, gave himself away.”

“If you hadn’t braked I’d have never seen him,” he says.

“If I didn’t have V1, neither would I.”

How that thing is so accurate I’ll never know. I’m just glad it is. Thanks!

M. Suter
Lenexa, KS