A warning to the wise

I’d long considered buying a V1 for my hour-and-a-half each way daily commute, but I never could quite to justify the cost since I’d never been pulled over for speeding…until today.

But on the way home, heading out of the small town of Reidsville, I got behind an out-of-state driver who was obviously lost. I was in no mood to ride behind him, as he was going 10 under and braking at every intersection trying to find his turn.

As soon as we exited the city limits and entered a 55 speed limit zone, I passed him going downhill and then set my cruise back at a comfortable 58 mph. Shortly thereafter, I see a state trooper on the side of the road and think nothing of it. He pulls out behind me, blue lights blaring.

According to him, he clocked me without even being able to see me, and claimed that I was going 66 mph, and I realized that he must have clocked me just as I had sped up on the downhill to pass.

Luckily for me, it turned out that a friendly county deputy had been following in the distance and had seen what happened. He pulled off to talk to the trooper and persuaded him to issue a warning instead of a ticket.

So I escaped unscathed, but before I even pulled away with my warning in hand, I had already decided to order a V1 just to protect myself against over-zeleaous patrols.

My check is already in the mail.

Mark Hart
Lyons, GA