Afternoon Light Shows

On a sunny afternoon in Vancouver, WA, when I was coming home on highway 14E, I got a Ka alert. It was just one light, but it was persistent, so I thought there might be some business up ahead. I slowed to the posted and moved over in front of a black Navigator from the spendy state–didn’t cut him off, but he was irritated.

By this point V1 was speaking a little stronger. The Navigator notched over a lane and gave me a very dirty look as he passed me on the right. I just smiled back because he was going about 10 over and the V1 was showing seven lights. When he topped the hill he was suddenly all red lights too, brake lights, because there was a WSP on the right shoulder shooting Ka out his rear antenna. Said patroller rolled out behind the 組ator and lit up yet another light show. As the Lincoln was slowing, I passed him and pointed towards my V1擁t’s high so he couldn’t see it, but I think he got my meaning預nd gave him the adios wave. Oh, boy, I love revenge!

V1 is an amazing product that surpasses all of my expectations every time it speaks.

Jay Dignan
Camas, WA